Chris Hulme, the

photographer, passed

away on the 31st of

January 2021.

This website will

continue to be

maintained, in memory

of Chris and his talent

so that both will be

remembered and


fotograffitichris hulme

Welcome to Fotograffiti

At last I have put together a website based on

my hobby (some would say passion) for

photography which has now run for more than

30 years!

My interest grew in the 1980s and 90s, my first SLR being a Minolta auto- focus camera where many types of 36-shot film were experimented with. Luckily for me, the advancement of digital SLR cameras came about and after seeing the amazing quality that many of these new cameras produced, I decided to go 'digital' so switched brands to Nikon in the late 1990s and have been with them ever since. My first Nikon was a D2Xs top-of-the-range camera and as time went on and cameras advanced, I moved to the D3s. With the advancement of this range of camera in both technology and cost, I decided to look at others within the Nikon body group and went for the D800 body. This has now been upgraded to the even better D810 and along with this, I also have the D500 and D200 Infra-red conversion body. Over the years I have built my lens and ancillary equipment collection to support the bodies and love dropping into my favourite pass-times which is photographing military low flying fast jets as well as birds and wildlife. I would say these are my 2 favourite 'disciplines', but I do enjoy experimenting with all different types of photography. I would say that digital technology makes this so much easier! My photographs galleries will be added to regularly so be sure to come back and view again soon! Thanks for showing an interest in my photos.